West Bay, Bridport, Dorset
Jurassic Heritage Coast
West Bay, Bridport, Dorset - Photographs

West Bay, Bridport

Thursday, 25th July 2024, 1:52pm

West Dorset, UK

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The first photograph was supplied to us, courtesy of Jerry C Sharitz, from Florida, USA.
The postcard dates from 1903, of 9 East Street, Dr Giles Roberts' shop. It was found inside a 1930's book of the Dorset painter,
Thomas Beach (1738 - 1806), the great uncle of Thomas Beach who bought Dr Giles Roberts' shop in Bridport.

Bridport 9 EastStreet - 1903

Bridport East Street - 1920s Bridport South Street - 1910s Bridport South Street - 1910s Bridport West Street - 1910s
Bridport West Street - 1920s Bridport West Street - 1950s Bridport West Street - 1960s Bridport - East Street, 1960s
Bridport - East Street, looking west - 1900s Bridport - East Street, looking east, early 1950s Bridport - Town Hall, 1902 Bridport - West Street, early 1950s Bridport - West Street, 1950s
Bridport - East Street, 1970 Bridport - Buckydoo, 1900
Bridport Map 1774 Bridport Detail Map 1774 Bridport Map circa 1800

The above photographs were supplied to us courtesy of Bridport Museum, plus other
sources and may not be copied for any commercial use without permission.
These and many other old photographs of Bridport and the surrounding area
may be viewed and copies obtained from:
Bridport Museum Trust, The Coach House, Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3RJ
or visit the Bridport Museum in South Street.