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Public Houses in Bridport

Bridport is renowned for its rope making heritage. However, Bridport was also known for the large number of public houses that have existed over the years and centuries. The Bridport Market from the 15th century generated an initial interest in beer houses. However, the Beer Act of 1830 led to a doubling of the number of licensed houses in Bridport, with many being a room in an ordinary house, giving South Street its reputation for every other house being a public house. Taking the suburbs of Allington, Bradpole and West Bay into account, there have been more than 80 different licensed public houses over the years in Bridport, of which only about 20 remain today.

Below is a list of Beer and Public Houses which are known to have existed in and around the Bridport area and those which are currently open. Dates followed by an asterisk * indicate a pub was known to be open during that period.

Name Address Opened Closed Remarks
Antelope Inn South Street 1852* Closed
Askers Roadhouse Hotel Dorchester Road 1931 1990 Destroyed by fire after a 29 hour rave
Avenue South Street ? 1903 Closed under Magistrates orders
Baker's Arms Rope Walks ? Nov 1960
Balaclava Inn South Street 1871* Closed
Beehive West Allington 1903
Beer House St Michaels Lane 1871* Closed
Bells Inn 5 South Street 1871* Closed
Black Horse Inn East Street 1865* Closed
Blue Ball Dottery ? 1947 Burnt down
Boot Inn 124 North Allington 1700s 2007
Boot & Shoe Inn 246 St Andrews Road, Bradpole ? Closed
Bridport Arms West Bay 1822 Open Previously The Ship and Sloop
Brittains Inn West Street 1871* Closed
Buck & Doe South Street 1636 Closed Questionable whether it ever existed
Buckle Hotel 83 West Allington 1935* Closed
Bull Hotel 34 East Street 1500s Open
Castle Inn South Street 1852* Closed
Cross Keys Inn 13 South Street 1852* Closed Slaughterhouse at rear
Crown East Street ? 1794 Rebuilt as Chapel in the Garden
Crown Inn 59 West Bay Road 1852* Open West Bay Road was Harbour Road
Devonshire Inn South Street 1871* Closed
Dolphin Inn 60 East Street 1852* Closed
Duke of Wellington East Street 1871* Closed
Fisherman's Arms 144 South Street 1935* 1998
Five Bells 85 South Street 1852* Closed
Five Courts Inn South Street 1840s 1940 Closed during WW2
Garabaldi Inn South Street 1871* Closed
George Hotel 4 South Street 1770s Open
George Inn 9 East Street ? 1700s Rebuilt as Dr Roberts Pharmacy Shop
George Inn 18 George Street, West Bay 1800s Open Destroyed by fire in 1834, rebuilt 1839
Globe Inn 27 East Street 1852* 1940 Closed during WW2
Golden Lion 21 East Street 1791* Closed Known to be a coaching inn
Green Dragon 28 East Street ? 1781 Rebuilt in 1850s, now Barclays Bank
Greyhound Hotel 2 East Street 1300s Open Renamed to Greyhound during 1600s
Grosvenor Hotel 58 East Street 1935* Closed
Hare and Hounds West Street 1871* Closed
Hardy's 35 West Street ? 2005 Renamed West 1
Hitt or Miss Inn South Street 1871* Closed
Hope & Anchor 13 St Michaels Lane 1852* Open
Jolly Sailor West Street ? Closed
King Charles Tavern 114 St Andrews Road, Bradpole 1975 2016 Previously Railway Terminus
King of the Belgians 52 East Street 1915 1940 Previously King of Prussia
King of Prussia 52 East Street 1700s 1915 Named after Frederick the Great
Kings Arms 46 North Allington 1852* Open
Kings Head Inn 304 St Andrews Road, Bradpole ? Open
Lily Hotel 62 West Street 1920* 1990s
London Inn West Road 1760 1995
Lord Nelson 52 East Street 1940 Open Previously King of the Belgians
Market House 17 West Street 2010 Open Previously Royal Oak
Marquis of Granby Inn 124 East Street 1769 1874 Also known as Granby Arms, coaching inn
Masons Arms Inn 10 North Street 1852* 1989 Known as The Mouse with in & out doors
Nags Head 9 St Andrews Road, Bradpole 1911* Closed Later to become Railway Inn
Nelson West Street ? 1903
Neptune Inn South Street 1871* 1940 Closed during WW2
Neptune Inn Station Road, West Bay 1739 1884 Renamed West Bay Hotel
New Inn 99 South Street ? Closed
Noah's Ark 1 West Allington ? 1796 Damaged by fire, rebuilt as White Lion
Oddfellows Arms 172 North Allington ? Open
Old Acquaintance 106 North Allington Closed
Old Inn 17 West Allington 1880* Closed
Old Oak 74 North Allington Closed
Packhorse Inn (Hotel) 35 East Street 1852* 1969
Pheonix Inn 28 St Michaels Lane 1871* Closed
Plymouth Inn 59 West Allington 1852* 1990s
Railway Inn 9 St Andrews Road, Bradpole ? Closed Previously known as Nags Head
Railway Tavern 54 East Street 1871* Closed Next to Lord Nelson
Railway Terminus 114 St Andrews Road, Bradpole 1935* 1975 Renamed King Charles
Red Lion East Street 1871* Closed
Robin Hood Inn 13 Folly Mill Lane ? Jun 1961 Run for 50 years by Mrs Daisy Battrick
Ropemakers 36 West Street ? Open Previously Sun Inn
Royal Oak 17 West Street 1852* 2007 Renamed Market House
Sailor's Home Inn 135 South Street 1830s Closed
Seven Stars Hotel 11 Barrack Street 1835* Closed
Ship Inn 37 South Street 1871* 1996 Owned by the Beer family during 1910
Ship Inn West Bay Late 1700s 1822 Sloop then Ship Inn then Bridport Arms
Shipwright's Arms South Street 1871* 1903 Closed under Magistrates orders
Shoeing Smith Arms South Street 1852* Closed
Sloop West Bay 1600s Late 1700s Sloop then Ship Inn then Bridport Arms
Standard Inn South Street ? Closed
Star Hotel 14 West Street 1852* Closed
Sun Inn (Hotel) 36 West Street 1852* 1978* Renamed Ropemakers
Swan 14 South Street Closed
Tanners 1 West Allington ? Open Previously White Lion / Noah's Ark
Three Boars' Heads 17 West Street ? ? Renamed Royal Oak
Three Horse Shoes 168 North Allington ? Closed
Three Mariners 120 East Street 1852* Closed
Tiger Inn 14-16 Barrack Street 1881* Open
Toll House Hotel (Motel) 13 East Road 1945 2000 Now a housing estate 'Toll House Mews'
Travellers Rest Dorchester Road ? Closed
Victoria Inn South Street 1871* Closed
Volunteer Inn 53 South Street ? Closed
Wessex Hotel & Cafe 3 East Street 1935* Closed
West 1 35 West Street 2006 2008 Previously Hardy's, now a coffee shop
West Bay Hotel Station Road, West Bay 1884 Open Previously Neptune Inn
White Bull 13 East Road 1871* Closed Rebuilt as Toll House Hotel
White Horse Inn West Street 1871* Closed
White Lion Inn (Hotel) 1 West Allington 1796 1978* Previously Noah's Ark, damaged by fire
Woodman Inn 61 South Street ? Open

History records have been compiled by John May and sourced from various locations including:
Bridport Local History Centre, Bridport News & Dorset Council archives.

Note that some dates are approximate / unconfirmed.