Bridport, Dorset
Jurassic Heritage Coast
Bridport, Dorset


Monday, 22nd April 2024, 10:24pm

Dorset, UK

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The World of Bridport

We are not alone!

Bridport, Dorset
Our town in Dorset is quite old. It was born in around the 11th Century, located less than 2 miles inland with access to the sea along the River Brit. However, there are other land and water based Bridports.

Tasmania, Australia
Located 85km from Launceston and in the local government of Dorset Council, Bridport lies on the shores of Anderson's Bay on the northeast coast. Weymouth and Lulworth are about 20km to the west. Bridport is a popular holiday destination with a wildflower reserve. Other nearby reserves have spectacular coastal views, waterfalls, white sand dunes and native wildlife. Bridport was also a port for the timber industry and enjoyed periods of prosperity in the late 1860's when gold was discovered in a nearby village.

Vermont, USA
Bridport is in Addison County in northeast USA, in the New England area. It was founded in 1761 and named after Bridport in the UK. It is a small farming community, south of Lake Champlain, 300 miles north of New York city and 150 miles inland from Portland and Portsmouth at the sea. The early settlers from England (Pilgrim Fathers) and those who followed, colonised this area of America before moving further afield. The fishermen from Dorset, Devon and Cornwall were also regular visitors during the 18th and 19th Centuries to Newfoundland and New England, with some settling.

Bridport roads around the World

Bridport Avenue
Harare - Zimbabwe, Africa
United Kingdom - Ipswich, Manchester, Nottingham & Romford

Bridport Crescent
Toronto - Ontario, Canada

Bridport Drive
Toms River - New Jersey, USA

Bridport Place
St. Charles - Near Washington DC, Maryland, USA
Manchester Township - New Jersey, USA
United Kingdom - Hackney

Bridport Road
Otautau - Southland, New Zealand
B82 - George Town, Pipers River, Pipers Brook, Bridport, Jetsonville, Scottsdale - Tasmania, Australia
United Kingdom - Croydon, Dorchester, Enfield, Poole, Southall & Tyneside

Bridport Street
Albert Park - Victoria, Australia
Daylesford - Victoria, Australia
B180 - Avoca - Victoria, Australia
Elizabeth Park - Adelaide, Australia
Kaitantaga - Otago, New Zealand
London - Ontario, Canada
United Kingdom - Portsmouth

Bridport Walk
United Kingdom - Scunthorpe

Bridport Way
United Kingdom - Braintree & Colnbrook

To be continued...