West Bay, Bridport, Dorset
Jurassic Heritage Coast
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West Bay, Bridport

Tuesday, 21st May 2024, 5:33pm

West Dorset, UK

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Harbour Lights Series One

Harbour Lights at West Bay

Harbour Lights / Bridehaven at West Bay, Dorset

Series One

Main Cast

Nick Berry as Mike Nicholls
Tina Hobley as Melanie Rush
Matilda Ziegler as Jane Ford
Gerard Horan as Tony Simpson
Tim Matthews as Steve Blade
Freddie Davies as George Blade
Emma Pike as Kelly Blade
Francis Pope as Jason Blade
Paola Dionisotti as Aunt Nicholls
Louis Mahoney as Elvis
Liam Tattershall as Jake Ford

Episode 1: For Those in Peril

After a tragic diving accident claims the life of his close friend Pete Ford, former Royal Navy officer Mike Nicholls returns to the town where he grew up; Bridehaven. He hopes his new job as harbour master will help him put his past behind him. But Jane blames Mike for her brother's death. Features Bridehaven Beauty Contest, Carnival and Trawler Parade.

Guest Cast

Justin Ellery as Dr Henry Reece
Morag Hood as Lady Charlotte
David Ross as Paddy
Rosmary Smith as Mrs Foyle
Margot Leicester as Rita Blade
Gillian Raine as Nancy Ford
Arthur Cox as Bill Ford
Adam Tabraham as Pete Ford

Episode 2: Marie Celeste

Aunt Nicholls has an affair with a man that sails into Bridehaven every three months. Unfortunately Paddy is already a bigamist with two wives, so fakes his death. An abandoned yacht triggers an investigation by Mike and Melanie. Features Bridehaven Torchlight Procession.

Guest Cast

David Ross as Paddy
Arther Cox as Bill Ford
Justin Ellery as Dr Henry Reece
Morag Hood as Lady Charlotte
Rosemary Smith as Mrs Foyle
Adam Tabraham as Pete Ford
Alex Lloyd as Reporter
Jeremy Kitcat as Vicar
Barrie Palmer as Garden Centre Manager

Episode 3: Dead Ends

A divorced and suicidal holidaymaker arrives in town that seems to be hankering for a Bridehaven that no longer exists. Jane continues with Tony Simpson's bingo hall revamp while Rita takes the blame for her son's drunken antics, despite the fact it could put her behind bars for a long time.

Guest Cast

Roy Hudd as Arthur Denton
Bronwen Williams as Fay Weatherwell
Tony Barton as Gilley
Harry Jones as Woode
Hraham Gadd as Publican
Jack Stevenson as Security Guard
Gillian Raine as Nancy Ford

Episode 4: Prince Charming

Mike is alarmed by the behaviour of an ex-chief petty officer and Falklands veteran who descends on Bridehaven with a group of school young sea cadets for training.

Guest Cast

Nicholas Ball as Alan Semple
Elisado Grey as Joanna Ellis
Simon Fenton as Richard
Lionel Guyett as Mr Whitham
Nicholas Guagin as Magistrate
Michael Hoskinson as President
Julie Pratten as Hostess
Gillian Raine as Nancy Ford
Arthur Cox as Bill Ford

Episode 5: Baywatch

A Rastafarian birdwatcher ruffles a few feathers among the twitchers drawn to Bridehaven by the sighting of a rare specimen, while Aunt Nicholls is delighted to find a salsa partner for the local finals. Mike misses a dinner date with Melanie and is shocked to learn she's contemplating a transfer to Hartlepool.

Guest Cast

Paul Barber as Cordell Johnson
Daniel Ryan as Police Constable Busby
Steve Sweeney as Cyril
Rob Jarvis as Egbert
Gillian Raine as Nancy Ford

Episode 6: Muckraker

George Blade becomes an eco-warrior when a toxic spillage threatens Tony Simpson's latest land deal. His campaign ensures that the last of the off-season tourists soon desert Bridehaven. Mike's investigation is overshadowed by Steve, Jane and Aunt Nicholls.

Guest Cast

Danny Webb as Vic Morley
Amy Phillips as Sophie
Graham Gadd as Publican
Elizabeth Banks as Lab Receptionist
Alex Lloyd as Radio Interviewer

Episode 7: The Last Supper

Tony is love struck when his estranged wife returns home and becomes heavily involved in the business, the ultimate aim being to fleece him. Mike and Jane are suspicious and join forces to investigate but in the process, find themselves being drawn closer together.

Guest Cast

Kim Thomson as Holly Simpson
Norman Eshley as Mayor
Corinne Wicks as Lycra Woman
John Bleasdale as Chief Constable

Episode 8: Stranded

Mike devises a plan to relieve the off-season boredom by encouraging locals to practice life saving skills on an inflatable whale. However, the newfound environmentalists are too busy to notice that Kelly Blade is thinking of leaving home with her unsuitable new boyfriend.

Guest Cast

Will Mellor as Granger
Daniel Ryan as Police Constable Busby
Dennis Clinton as Shopkeeper
William Mickleburgh as Rough Bloke
Kevin Kibbey as Teacher

Episode 9: Highland Fling

The Blades and locals resort to smuggling when a consignment of vintage Scotch is washed up on the beach, but Tony Simpson is furious about his lost cargo and determines to track it down. Meanwhile, Jane's ex-boyfriend Philip turns up.

Guest Cast

Daniel Ryan as Police Constable Busby
Louis Hilyer as Philip
Frank Dunne as Winston Trotter
Sam Ellis as Diver
Mike Newman as Skipper

Episode 10: The Untouchables

Jane and Philip celebrate their engagement with a party for the whole of Bridehaven. Mike believes that he is powerless to intervene, but when an old friend of Jane's revives painful memories for her, she finds herself hesitating. Meanwhile a forlorn Mike contemplates a long trip on his faithful boat and hands over to his deputy.

Guest Cast

Louis Hilyer as Philip
Charles Daish as Dan
Annette Bentley as Jean

Filmed in West Bay during the summer and autumn of 1998
Broadcast on BBC One from February to April 1999